Which HP girl would be your date?

Which HP girl would be your date?

Fiesty Ginny? Quick-thinker Hermione? Quirky Luna? or Shy Cho? who matches YOU:

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Where would you have your 1st date?

You'd keep it relaxed...Lets play some Quidditch
Somewhere interesting & educational
Maybe a petting zoo or a walk through the countryside,you love nature
A cosy cafe somewhere

How would you two get together?

In a huge burst of emotion,probably in front of everyone,you'd throw yourselves into each others arms
After a big trauma,you'd save each others lives or something then realise you've always known....
After a chat where you discover you share similar 'odd' hobbies
It'd be a bit awkward,after being left alone u would shyly go in for a kiss

Its important for your girl to be...?


Which guy do you think you're most like?


Which of these weasleys do you think you'd get on with the most?

Fred or George,they can take a joke
Percy,you love people with drive and determination
Bill,he's different
Charlie,he's tough! and he works with dragons!!

How would you describe your ideal girls style?

casual but cool
quirky and unique

Favourite subject:

you cant decide,they're ALL brilliant"
care of magical creatures

Favourite hair colour of these:(on a girl)


You're going away for a LONG time,best way for your girl to say goodbye?

She'd pull u into her room for a private goodbye kiss
A big hug and lots of advice to make sure u look after yourself
She'd give u something amusing,to cheer u up if you feel lonely
A big emotional goodbye,u want to feel as though you'll be missed ^_^

How could a girl show she likes you: actions only.

she defends you all the time
she keeps telling u off but then forgiving you,you know she just cares :)
invite u over to read her quibbler or maybe go feed the thestrals together
she keeps smiling over at you

How could a girl impress you most?

By getting onto the House Quidditch team
Being top of the year
By just being funny & saying the most random things
Just being there to support you is good enough :)