would i date you? (guys only) (3)

would i date you? (guys only) (3)

i was bored lol so i just made this to see if i would date you or not so this should be intresting

published on January 10, 201445 responses 8
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On the first date, where would you take a girl?

to the movies
walk on the beach
my place ;)
the club

what would you say to her?

i know you want this d***!!
am i dreaming or is there really a beautiful girl in front of me?
hey beauty

on the second date you went to the movies, what would you see?

romantic comedy
scary movie
idk all i saw was her boobs ;)

She started to like you and she kissed you. How would you respond?

kiss her back with passion
say "hold on. let's go somewhere private." and make out with her in a closet
feel up her skirt or on her boobs and kiss her vicously

last question, what do you think you got?

she would date me i'm to smexy for her to not date me