What kind of elf are you?

What kind of elf are you?

do you like elves well this is the quiz for you. many choices and things i have to use this photo four now

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What is your favorite color?

Red Green and White!
Light blue and white
Green Brown and Cream

Do you like the holidays?

YES escpically Christmas
As long as it has cookies
yes the winter holidays
i like holidays that are nice to animals and plants
As long i get to eat

Do you beleive in magic??

YES it saved my life
yes...but there is some logic to it you know
Cookie Cookie Cookie
Milk milk milk milk
yes everyone should

Do you think fans?

not really
no it could kill my family
no but they are fasinating
Yes alot
i like it too

liked quiz???

thank you i liked it
meh... it was flat
Cookie Cookie Cookie
WEll whats my elf?