what is your personality type?

,What is your personallity?sweet,nice,bossy,mean,ect.Have fun with the personallity test

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Do u sing songs in work or school while u work?do ppl consider I stuck up?

thats stupid.but i love to help ppl and do things for ppl!!:)
no.But some ppl DO comsider me a little u know,stuck up.:/
Yez!!and no i hate myself

Do u llike helping ppl?

of course!
uh,i like myself more...

Do puppy think u r weird


U prefer:

meat loaf!:)
other ppl!!
me me me!!!!!

Do u like urself?

of course!i lloooovve myself!
YEs.i rock.lol
i haaate myself.
fjfjfjtjrdjdd i dont knw