Which Defence against the Dark Arts teacher are you?

Which Defence against the Dark Arts teacher are you?

timid quirrel or tough moody?lets find out shall we? answer honestly for the most accurate results :)

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The Philosophers stone is said to be hidden in the castle:

You'd stop at nothing to get it
Erm...getting it sounds a bit dangerous,its probably better off where it is
Ill do all i can to make sure it remains protected
Anyone dares steal it,ill kill them!
I think i'll keep it in my office,so as to keep a personal eye on it ^_^
I will protect it if asked,i think i know who is trying to steal it though...they wont get far >;-)
Ill put someone under the Imperius curse...they can get it for me :D

The heir of Slytherin has returned to open the Chamber of Secrets,many muggle-borns have already been attacked by the monster:

I wonder who it is..i want to help them
That would be my cue to leave..bye!
The one responsible must be found!
Grr!!! let me at him!! Ill have them thrown in Azkaban!
This calls for a new educational decree i think ^_^
Potter has been acting suspicious...but he's too thick to open the COS...hahahaa
HA!HA! excellent...its about time this school was purged of filthy mudbloods!

Mass murderer Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban and is said to be on his way to Hogwarts!

Maybe he can help me to bring Voldemort back!
ahhh my old friend...
Good! Ive always said i want to be the one to catch him!
He wont be getting in THIS castle as long as im in charge!
Ill be watching when the dementors give him a 'kiss' its said to be unbearable to witness but ill do my best ^_^
So?He wasnt even a proper death eater..pfft..loser

Its the Triwizard Tournament: who do you want to win? harry,cedric,viktor krum or fleur delacour?

I dont care about the tournament...i just want harry potter dead.
personally i think 'I' should be in the tournament XD
I dont mind who wins..as long as everyone stays safe
Potter,the boy has nerve..
Oh i think i shall be cancelling that,too much of a distraction from studying 'giggle'
Not Potter...he needs taking down a peg or two to be honest..he's too cocky
Who wants to see someone win? I want to see some death! >:D

A secret society has begun in the school,the students are teaching themselves defensive spells:

Oh dear,they better not find out about my er...connections, to the dark arts...
Bless them,if only they had listened to my superb teaching they wouldnt need to do that... ^_^
I wish they'd let me help them
War is coming!! The kids need training!! CONSTANT VIGILANCE!
What?! They will all be SEVERELY punished for this!!!!
No doubt Potter & his friends started it....sigh..attention seekers
Haha...they are still no match for Lord Voldemort...foolish children

Dumbledore is dead!!!

Yes,one less fool standing in the way of Voldemort & his return to power!
Oh no! Im out of here,incase im next!
I dont believe it :( He was a superb wizard,his loss is a terrible blow to our side.....
Who did it!! Just wait till i catch them,it'll be the last thing i do!
Gosh,things at Hogwarts really are a lot worse than i thought...Ill inform the Minister.
I witnessed it.But it wasnt me!!! *apparates*
hahahahahaha 'deep breath' hahahahahahaha!!

WAR! The death eaters have finally broke through Hogwarts defences!

Yay ^_^
I wont go down without a fight!
I wont stop till i have killed every last one of the scum!!!!
I'll just sit in my office,they wouldnt DARE harm me!
Arrgh! i dont know which side to be on!decisions,decisions...oh well i guess ill just hide in the forest until it all blows over...
At last!!! Its time this school was properly put in its place!!

Favourite moment of these:

Harrys broom going out of control in his first year ^_^
Cornish pixie escape!
Sirius Blacks first appearance
Revealing of Barty Crouch Jr
Harrys punishment with the special quill...i must not tell lies...
The pensieve,,deathly hallows:Snapes memories...
Invasion of Hogwarts by the Death Eaters

Who would you most like to meet/find out more about?

Lockhart..so handsome!
Sirius Black or James Potter
Mad-eye Moody
The Minister for Magic...so i could have his job!!! >:-)
Lily Potter :'(
Alecto Carrow

Favourite book of the series?

Philosophers Stone
Chamber of Secrets
Prisoner of Azkaban
Goblet of Fire
The Order of the Phoenix
The Half-Blood Prince
The Deathly Hallows

Which Organisation/Group would you join?

Id just join Voldemort personally.
Erm,id rather avoid the conflict thanks..
Dumbledores Army,i want to help the students to defend themselves
I just want to be a auror!
The inquisitorial squad
The order of the pheonix eventually but i have dabbled in the Dark Arts....
The death eaters!

Best spell/potion etc...?

the elixir of life...
memory modifying charm.Obliviate!
expecto patronum
polyjuice potion
Veritaserum...truth potion
any of the unforgiveable curses >:-)