Which Lemonade Mouth song suits you best?

Which Lemonade Mouth song suits you best?

Find out which song suits you! Turn Up The Music, Determinate, Breakthrough ect.

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Some random guy is raging with your friend and he punches her what do you do?

You go in and try and protect your friend
You shout "PIE" and the guy thinks you are wierd and runs away
You walk up to him and punch him
Run home screaming

Someone dares you to walk on a pipe that is connected to a roof.

You go ahead and do it
You say "You do it first! Unless you are scared"
You say "no" and walk away
You ask him what he would do and say the oppisite
Why do you wanna know fool?

What do you think about joining a band

Sure I'll do it. It looks fun
Only if it works out. I don't want anyone's feelings hurt if it goes far and everyone else leaves
Maybe it depends...
I don't know, don't care. I'll do it if everyone else does it
If we go somewhere new and exiting
YES I'LL BE A ROCKSTAR! *does guitar solo*

Your friend joins something you don't wanna do.

Do what you want!
You join anyway to stay friends

You have a majoir fight with your friends

You wait for him/her to apoligize
You shout "Oh well you'll miss m- PIE she took my phone!"
You apoligize straight away to stay friends