Buffy the Vampire Slayer Personality Quiz: FEMALE VERSION

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Personality Quiz: FEMALE VERSION

A personality quiz for the amazing fans of our page! Thank you for your continued support!

published on January 09, 201415 responses 4 5.0★ / 5

What is your ideal man?

Tall, dark and handsome with a chip on his shoulder.
Tall, dark and handsome...minus the chip on the shoulder thing. I prefer a funny guy.
Uhh...not really in to men!
Honestly, any way they come.
The quiet and funny type is the way to go for me!

Your ex boyfriend/girlfriend is back in town and you don't want your friends to know. What do you do?

I might as well tell them. No use keeping a secret!
Keep it a secret as long as you can. There's no use worrying anyone else!
Tell only your best friend. They will help you go from there!
I'm not worried about my ex. If they try anything, I'll kick their a**.

Which is your clothing style of choice?

Leather, all day, every day.
Things of the flowy and baggy sorts...comfort is everything!
I'm definitely a sweater person...fuzzy sweaters and weird prints are a must!
I like to mix it up...whatever suits my mood! Pastels and flowers one day, all black the next. It's different all the time!
I'm not big on fashion, but I do like to think I wear cute stuff! Nothing crazy, but I am consistent.

What is your favorite genre of film?

I'm really into raunchy comedies. Who doesn't love sexual humor?
Action movies, with lots of bad-a** stunts.
Probably documentaries, or something that'll make me feel or learn something.
Zany films like musicals or anything Bollywood!!
I like a good old fashioned drama.

Which of the following is the most appealing to you?

A nice cup of hot tea.
Alcohol of any sort.
Mochas! Who doesn't love coffee with chocolatey goodness?
I'm a fan of cheese. Exotic cheese especially.
I like on the go stuff. like Hot Pockets.

What would you consider to be your weakest trait?

My self-doubt.
My perfectionist attitude.
My harsh and sometimes inappropriate comments.
My shyness.
My inability to trust people.

What would be your weapon of choice?

A stake or a knife.
I try my best to avoid unnecessary violence.
I'd make the strong men with me fight. But otherwise I'd just grab whatever's near and go after the baddies.
My mind is my greatest weapon. I'd definitely come up with some kind of plan to kick a**.

What would you consider your strongest trait?

My blunt honesty.
My inner strength and compassion towards others.
My ability to lead in rough times.
My care-free attitude.
My awesome sense of humor!

What would be your pet of choice?

A cat!!
Something low profile, like fish!
I don't have enough time to take care of a pet!
A dog would be cool! A nice, loyal golden retriever.
It's up in the air really. Anything except for bunnies.