Which Hogwarts teacher are you?

Which Hogwarts teacher are you?

Which would u be?? snape? mcgonagall? or maybe even hagrid....find out now.

published on August 16, 201172 responses 15
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which house is your favourite?

slytherin,the rest are brainless idiots
gryffindor,even though they do cause trouble :P
hufflepuff,they deserve more credit than they get
any but slytherin,i sense a bad aura around them
ill remain impartial,thank you.
ravenclaw,they are so quick to learn,a joy to teach ^_^
i try to keep a open mind,but i cant help loving gryffindor!

what is your main flaw?

i can be biased towards my favourites...
i maybe come across as too strict
i often watch from the sidelines as i get easily confused
i can be anti-social...
play to your strengths! dont talk to me about flaws!
im a bit height challenged :(
i am not very good at spotting danger which can often get me into trouble...

what are you good at?

cooking,making cocktails...
organising,maintaining control
gardening :)
i have been known to predict things before they happen...
i can be quite creative,decorations and such
well im good with animals :)

which member of dumbledores army is your favourite?

hermione granger,a credit to gryffindor
neville longbottom
lavender brown or maybe one of the patils
harry potter...an excellent seeker ^_^
luna lovegood or cho chang
any of the 'trio'

quidditch has been cancelled this year!

grrr...but i want to get pay-back on those arrogant gryffindors!
oh well...i suppose theres still the house cup,we must win that!
good the school crops wont get used up for remedys for all the flying injuries
i foreseen that this would happen....
more time for learning :)
oh no but it would be nice to see slytherin lose the quidditch cup :(

which teacher is your LEAST favourite?

lupin...werewolves should not be allowed to teach
professor trelawney...what a fraud!
ill give anyone a chance to be honest :)
mcgonagall...she lacks the inner eye...
i keep away from the petty arguments,im too focused on my job
everyone is ok i think ^_^
filch,he isnt a teacher but the way he treats the kids is an outrage!

other skills/hobbies?

i can read minds....
im not bad at duelling
im rather good at remedies
my intuition is very good
i can fly a broomstick well,what more do you need...
choir :)
im quite adept with a crossbow

one word/phrase to describe yourself? (negative)

overly critical
perhaps a bit of a pushover
prone to maybe a few too many sherrys
perhaps 'too' work focused at times
can be over-emotional

favourite subject?

care of magical creatures

you catch a student stealing,they're in your house you'd...?

give them the benefit of the doubt,,,they must've had a good reason
take them to dumbledore
listen to their explanation then decide from there what to do
you probably wouldnt have even noticed to be honest...
100 laps around the quidditch pitch should teach them!
ask another teacher for advice on how to deal with them
tell them off,if its one of your favourite students though you would let them off