Which Resident of Ponyville are you?

Which Resident of Ponyville are you?

Are you TwilightSparkle, RainbowDash, FlutterShy, PinkiePie, AppleJack, Rarity, or a random pony?

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What would you like to eat?

Energy bars
Um.... organic things.
Fancy things that cost a lot, but are worth it.
Common stuff other people eat.

Would you rather read..

about race horses?
about nature?
about animals?
about things you don't know about yet?
about fashion?
about cookies and cakes?
What my friends reading.

What's the proudest thing you ever did?

Jump off a cliff or race on a fast animal, like an ostrich. Even win a hard race!
Challenge someone to something that you are bad at and they rock at, and win it!
Say an answer in class.
Create something new that works or get an A plus!!!! :):):)
Win an award for a art work piece.
Not freak out at something I always freak out at!
Nothing yet....

What animal on this list do you like most?

Cheetah: fast
Ants: hard working
Bunnies: fluffy and docile
Dragons: powerful
Cats: fancy and clean
Chameleons: lots of colors
A dog, horse, fish? I dunno....

You cross the finish line in a race. What place did you get?

Tie with someone because I had a late start.
Last. I had to help a turtle cross the track.
Fourth. I'm not super fast.
Almost last. I can't get near the puddles all over the track!
Seventh. I'm super hyper, but got side tracked.
I don't race, no one does.

Favorite color?

Whatever's popular

It's Saturday and you have nothing planned. What would you do?

Have my friends come over and have a relay race!!!
Try to make your school project better.
Watch wild animals in your yard and try to touch them.
Read a book, take quizzes like this, and draw.
Draw ideas on paper and try to make them with string, fabric, and loose items.
Plan a party and make cookies.
watch TV, maybe even draw!

Are you....

Fast, active, competitive, and don't listen well?
Hard working, perfect, and can use back talk?
Shy, quiet, and clammy?
Smart, elaborate, and friendly?
Clean, perfect, and work hard?
Crazy and are almost always on a sugar rush?
A copy cat?

would you rather be...

a race horse?
a mayor?
a author?
a teacher?
a model?
a baker?
a person who works at a coffee shop?

Would you rather....

lose a game instead of not playing it?
fall behind instead of starting a new job?
forget to talk to friends instead of not saying sorry?
mess up your project instead of being lazying about it?
lose a part of a kit and improvise instead of buying another?
throw five not super awesome parties instead of one awesome party?
eat the same food instead of trying a new one?