Which Marauder are you?

Which Marauder are you?

Remus Lupin,Peter Pettigrew,Sirius Black or James Potter?? Who are you most like...

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Lord Voldemort has regained power.Some still fight but the odds are against them.You'd...?

Avoid the conflict & just focus on your family
Join him,you'd rather not be killed thanks!
Join the order of the pheonix & devise a proper plan to defeat him
Hunt him down,he cant get away with this!

What do you think of Harry Potter?

He's brave & a hero,you'd be honoured to fight alongside him
He's a stupid arrogant boy
He's a smart kid,you'll do all you can to help and protect him
He makes you so proud,he deserves all the help & credit he can get

Where would you rather live?

Anywhere your family can be safe
Somewhere you're looked after
Away from your parents,you're a bit of a black sheep
Godrics Hollow

You see a kid you don't like being bullied,its getting quite nasty,you'd...?

Help the kid
Keep away incase they turn on you next
Look to your best mate to see what they do,then decide
You'd probably join in the bullying

In your group you're...?

The quiet one
The follower
The sidekick to the 'leader'
The leader

Voldemort is hunting for the Potters,you know where they are & he'll kill you if he finds out you have information:you'd...?

be at the Potters ready to defend them
tell him,sorry its you or them...
give him false info then help the Potters to hide
search for Voldemort and kill him first!

One word to describe yourself?


How prepared are you to break rules?

you'd rather not...
you just go along with whatever your mates do...
you dont mind,sometimes its unavoidable
if it helps get what you want,you'll do it

Which of these would you like to be able to turn into at will?


Which place would you LEAST like to visit?

the shrieking shack
as long as theres someone to protect you,you'll go anywhere
azkaban prison
wherever Voldemort is...