Which Sonic character would be your best friend part 15

Which Sonic character would be your best friend part 15

Part fourteen yay! It took me forever to make Sonic high part 7. Because I added some fan characters

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You woke up and saw Alexis talking to Sonic and Shadow standing next too her. "Hi ___," Sonic and Alexis said smiling. "How are you feeling?" They both asked smiling at each other.

*stares at Shadow*.
What's up? (Alexis: The ceiling. Sonic: The sky.) Thanks I didn't see it. -_-,
are you guys the only one's here? (Alexis: No Knuckles and Silver are here also.)
What happened?
Hi Sonic. (Sonic: Hi.) :)
Where's Silvy? (Alexis: He's with Knuckles in the-) SILVY*runs in kitchen*. (Silver: 0_0)

"I'm fine," You replied. Alexis and Sonic smiled at you. "You've been asleep for almost a week," Shadow said. "A week?" You yelled a little louder than intended. "Yeah about five days so almost a week," Alexis said as Silver and Knuckles came out of the kitchen.

Hi Knux. (Knuckles: Hi.)
It felt shorter than a week.
Where are Julie and Tails? (Alexis: At the beach.)
Maybe Silver will take me to the beach! <3 (Alexis&Knuckles:*shakes head*. Silver: He he....)
Why are THEY here? (Alexis: Hey Knuckles and Silver are nice.) I was talking about you and Sonic also. (Alexis:*starts crying and hugs Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Knuckles*.) -_-
*eating strawberry ice cream*. (Alexis: Where'd you get that?) I love ice cream!~
I hate A5 she's a bully. (Alexis:*still hugging and crying*.)

"Hi ____ we thought you'd never wake up," Silver smiled. "Where are Julie and Tails?" You asked. "They're at the beach looking for a chaos emerald," Knuckles said holding an aqua blue emerald. "You've done a lot of training but now we can relax." "And by relax we mean play video game!" Alexis yelled smiling. "You wanna watch us play?" Sonic asked.

Heck yes!
I wanna check out the house.
Video games suck. (Alexis: DIE*shoves sword in neck*.)
Is Silver playing? (Alexis:*sighs*. Yes he is.) Yay! ^-^
sure I guess.
I'll just watch.
I'll beat you all. (Alexis: Let's go!*puts in Super Smash Bros Brawl*.)

"before we begin can you get the mail outside ____?" You nodded and walked outside. The only thing in the mailbox was a gold invitation. You went back inside and handed the envelope to Alexis. "Yay," Alexis screamed as all the guys dropped their controllers.

Eggman! (Alexis: no)
Chaos? (Alexis: No. and how you survive?) -_-.
Scourge? (Alexis: Eww no.)
Did someone die? (Alexis: No.)
Metal Sonic? (Alexis: No)
Tails doll? (Alexis: What is with you people and bad news.)

"We got an invite to a costume party. We have to dress as an anime series. I choose avatar!" Alexis said smiling. Everyone nodded. {If you don't like it to bad}. Julie and Tails came back. Tails played Aang, Julie played Katara of course, Sonic was Sokka, Shadow was Zuko, Alexis was May, Silver was Jet, and Knuckles was Ozai. Who are you?

I love Avatar Last Airbender! <3. (Alexis: me too who are going to be?) Azula!
Ty-Lee :)
Avatar Kioshi.
Princess Yue (Alexis: The one who turned into the moon?) Yes.
June. (Alexis: The bounty hunter who tried to hunt Aang down in the first season?) Yep.

Okay stopping here bye.

No Avatar Last Airbender!!!