What Type Of Cog Are You?

What Type Of Cog Are You?

A personality quiz to figure out what type of cog you are on Disney's Toontown online. * not intended to diagnose* *for entertainment purposes only*

published on January 07, 201421 responses 2
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(Ice Breaker)

1. How serious were you about building toon laff?

A) Very serious! All I did was build, even when it got boring!
B) I liked my friends, and I came on to relax
C) I played games and bought things
D) I was serious about my laff, but couldn’couldn't have gotten as far as I did without some pretty good friends

You are hosting your very own toon estate party! What is the first thing you do?

A) Invite your friends through whisper because you’re so excited you forgot you sent the invitations!
B) Decorate your estate and train your doodles! You can’t look like a fool!
C) Lay back, and wait for them to come
D) Plan events you're going to do, how many people will do them who is coming etc.. You don't want your guests to be bored!

A 15 laff NON-UBER tries to VP with you , so you:

A) Tell them to go away because noobs don't know how to VP
B) Explain to them they should build their gags first
C) Try to take them anyways.
D) Take them, but only if you even it out with some higher and some lower toons

You need about 30 more JB unites until you get your DREAM DOODLE- but, you need a doodle desperately. Do you:

A) Buy one any way
B) Hold out just a little longer and get an OK doodle.
C) Wait it out 30 more times to get your DREAM DOODLE!
D) Trade your current doodle in and combine your beans.

You would rather spend your Jelly beans on:

A) Clothes!
B) Gifts
C) Doodles!
D) Gags

Most of your friends can be described as:

A) High laff good players!
B) Nice toons!
C) My friends list is always changing
D) The most generous toons I know

The best times you had in Toontown were:

A) Being with friends!
B) Fighting cogs
C) Decorating your estate!
D) Fashion shows, school, Toon Valley, (also includes trolley games)

You know someone is hacking the CEO. This person happens to be your best friend. What do you do?

A) Don’t tell on them- Take the blame yourself!
B) Don’t tell on them and act like you don’t know who did it
C) Tell them you can’t be their friend anymore, but make an excuse as to why
D) Report them and tell them that hacking is breaking the rules.

Maxing time! How do you celebrate it?

A) Alone in river with randoms, It’s not a big deal!
B) Invite all my closest friends to watch me max!
C) Be the ringleader and insist you do the majority of the work yourself (because you're maxing, after all!)
D) Collab with my friends to max together to have an EPIC maxing party!

What was your favorite part about fishing?

A) The Jellybeans!
B) The rare fish, and the needing to find more
C) Bingo
D) Being with friends

Which boss did you spend most of your time in?


: A lower laff friend asks you to help them with a building. Then, they assume you are going to help them the entire session you:

A) Help them with the building, then ditch them
B) Don't help with the building and say your busy
C) Help with the building but insist to find other toons
D) Help with the building, but tell them you need to work on your tasks too!

A higher laff friend asks you to help them with a building, or a factory. (Way to go!) Your response:

A) WHY is a higher laff toon needing MY help? It must be for a task!
B) OK, but can you help me with my tasks after, or give unites?
C) WOW! Thanks, I’d love to come. No greening though!
D) I’m on my way! Can I bring some friends?

What type of work do you find yourself getting into for a potential career?

A) Business
D) Financial Advisor
B) Social Work
C) Customer service

In your opinion, why did Disney’s Toontown Online close?

A) It just wasn't an option anymore for them; they would rather spend time on other things
B) Because they didn't make enough money.
C) Because not enough people played
D) Because they never updated the game and people got bored!