which weasley boy are you most like?

which weasley boy are you most like?

everyone likes the weasleys but which one is most like you? try this out to see...

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First date with someone:

butterbeers in the 3 broomsticks pub
comedy show
double date
fancy restaurant
watch a quidditch match
music concert

Which of these girls do you like most? that can mean in just a friend way aswell....

hermione granger
ginny weasley
angelina johnson
penelope clearwater
why does it matter?
fleur delacour

Best quidditch position?

beater,u love to get payback on the other team
beater,u enjoy the responsibility of protecting your team
you wouldnt waste your time playing quidditch
any is good,ill say chaser though cos thats the only one left

Which is the most important?

sense of humour

Which house do you think suits you most?excluding Gryffindor...

hufflepuff,your sometimes slow on the uptake but have a true heart
slytherin,you can be cruel without meaning it at times
ravenclaw,you're clever AND funny
slytherin,you're very ambitious and determined
hufflepuff,you're a hard-worker
ravenclaw,you're a quick thinker

Ideal job?

auror-dark wizard catcher
joke shop owner
you want to work with your bro/sis
minister of magic
dragon trainer
curse-breaker for Gringotts bank

Main aim at Hogwarts?

to be a gryffindor,you dont want to let the family down by being put somewhere else
to cause trouble :P
to have fun :D
to leave with outstanding exam results to help you get a good job
to become quidditch captain for your house
to become head boy or girl

In your free time you'd?

play wizards chess
tease your brothers & sisters
invent stuff in your room
play quidditch
something cool like chilling with some music

Your parents are always telling you to...?

use your common sense
stop picking on your siblings
take things more seriously
socialise,your a bit of a loner
be careful,you enjoy sports,the more extreme the better
get a haircut

What are you afraid of most?

being killed
being alone
animal cruelty
your mum when she has scissors