Sorting Hat! (ACUATE!)

Sorting Hat! (ACUATE!)

This is not "Oh your mean...slytherin. oh your awsome...gryffindor. your boring...hufflepuff." oh no. this is legit sorting hat.

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What is your best quality?


You are walking, and a dog walks up to you, growling. you...

Don't look him in the eye, and slowly back away.
Take on the dog
Run/yell for help
Grab a stick, and use it as defense.

You get back a test on potions. You got a...

102...haha! extra credit!

The Yule ball is coming up! You ask...

The one I like
Someone in my house
Somone in my Divination class
Someone from one of the other schools

Your favorite class is...

Anient Runes
Defense against the dark arts

Day at Hogsmeade! you...

Chill at the pub!
Walk around wherever with your friends
Book store
pull a prank on another classmate

Someone is mocking your best friend. you...

Tell them to stop or else
Tell a teacher if it doesnt stop
Tell your friend not to listen
Give them a mean look and walk away (with your friend)

The O.W.L.s are coming up! You...

Study some, but you have other things to do
Study as much as you need to stay at the top of the class
Study with your friends
You've been studing the whole time!

You like your best friends boy/girl friend. you...

ask them out anyways
Tell your best friend
don't tell anyone
let the boy/girl friend deside

Your friends would call you...