Would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Take this quiz to find out if you would survive when the earth is taken over by zombies. Answer only 10 easy questions!

published on August 14, 201177 responses 19 3.7★ / 5

How far could you run without getting tired?

10 or more miles
7-9 miles
4-6 miles
under 3 miles

How would you describe your physical build?

Muscular build
Light build

How well trained are you with firearms?

I have had professional training with firearms..
I have some general knowledge on firearms.
I know a little bit about firearms.
I don't know very much about firearms.

Have you had any type of martial arts training?

I am very proficient at martial arts and self defense.
I know some basic martial arts moves and techniques.
I have had little martial arts training.
I have had martial arts training.

If you were inside a weapons store and you could only take one weapon, which would you take?

A 12 gauge shotgun
A 9mm pistol
A .22 cal semi auto rifle
A pellet gun

What type of household item would be most effective against zombies?

A shovel
Kitchen knife
Baseball bat
A lamp

Can you make any type of homemade explosives?

Yes, I could easily make an effective homemade bomb.
Yes, I could make a somewhat effective explosive.
Yes, but one that is not very deadly or potent.

Where do you live?

On open country area
The suburbs
In a mid sized town/city
A large, densely populated city

How intelligent are you?

I get mostly A's and B's in school.
I get mostly B's and C's in school.
I get mostly C's and D's in school.
I get mostly D's and F's in school.

Can you stay calm in out of hand situations?

I can remain completely calm and still get the job done.
I can stay somewhat calm and get the job done.
I can't stay very calm and I get panicky.
I can't keep calm or stay relaxed at all.