Are you addicted to electronics?

Are you addicted to electronics?

Please take this quiz. Today, many people are addicted to screens. Find out if you are so you can spend more time outdoors and stay healthy. Please rate and comment!

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What apps are your favorite?

Temple Run
Candy Crush
Subway Surfers
Anything Toca Boca
Hard to choose

You and your friend get into a fight. What do you do?

Text her funny pictures. She'll laugh and we'll make up.
Tell her sorry. Someone has to say it, right?
Call her and say nice things.
Email her a mean message. Grr...
Avoid her

It's your friend's birthday! What do you do?

You totally forgot! Oops!
Email her something sweet!
Make a card using an app
Buy her a gift

About how many devices do you have?


How do you communicate with your friends most often?

At school
At their houses/your house
Talking on the phone
Snail Mail

You just got a new device for your birthday! You...

Spend all day on it, but only because it's your birthday. You promise yourself that you won't spend too much time on it tomorrow.
Scream with delight, use it, and check out your other stuff.