which Hogwarts house do you really belong in?

which Hogwarts house do you really belong in?

Which will it be: Slytherin,gryffindor,ravenclaw or hufflepuff?? A in-depth quiz based on proper questions which truly define who you are,ie just cos you like red and lions it doesnt make you a Gryffindor!

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You're in a supermarket when a kid pushes past an old lady,scattering her shopping all over the floor.What would you do?

Go after the kid and demand he apologises
Report the incident to a staff member,giving them a description of the child
Help her to pick up the shopping,but do nothing more.You dont want to get involved
Watch the lady pick up her shopping,while secretly thinking its quite funny.

You're out with a mate when you notice a £20 note on the floor,you'd...?

Look around for whoever dropped it
Pick it up,but save it
Share it with your friend
Try to pick it up unseen,u found it,its all yours

You're sitting an important exam,but you notice someone nearby cheating.You'd....?

Pull them up afterwards about it.
You're much too focused on the exam to notice something like that!
Tell the examiner after its finished...its unfair to people who have did the exam honestly.
Try to sneak some answers from them

You are supposed to be staying in to do chores,but one of your friends is having a huge party.You also happen to have a important interview in the morning.You'd..?

Rush the chores,join the party late,you'll worry about the interview afterwards
Do the chores then have a early night,this interview is more important than a party,your friends will understand.
Do the chores,go to the party but end off worrying about the interview so much that you leave early
Sneak out to the party,'forgetting' the chores....

You're pushing for a promotion at work when you catch someone stealing (they also happen to be your best mate) what would you do?

Turn the other cheek,you'd never get a mate in trouble,however you would pull them up about it.
Persuade them to own up
Offer them 1 more chance,but if u catch them again you're going to grass them up.
Go to the boss.Nothing stands between you and a promotion.

What usually gets you into trouble?

Your curiosity often gets the better of you 7 you get involved in things you shouldn't
You find showing emotion hard so you may come across as cold sometimes
You're honest to the point of being blunt at times
You often bend the rules to get what you want

Who are you in your group of mates?

The daring one,always up for new challenges
The witty one,your quick thinking has helped many times
The voice of reason,people come to you for advice
People often look to you for instructions..

At work/school you..?

Can be easily distracted
Are always contributing new ideas
Always give 100%
Try to do as little as you can get away with

Someone you dont like beat you in a test,they mock you all day afterwards.You..?

Work twice as hard determined to beat them next time
Don't rise to thier petty behaviour
Get upset over it
Bide your time until you get your pay-back

Which of these qualities do you value most?


You're at the cinema at the back of a huge box office queue,you'd..?

Wait,but you'd probably complain the entire time
You wouldn't be in the queue,you thought ahead and pre-booked
Wait patiently like everyone else,its not the end of the world
Try to push in where possible or make excuses so people let you in front

Which subject sounds the best?

defence against the dark arts or transfiguration
any subject is good,you just want to learn
you'll try them all,even if you dont enjoy it
the one where the least ammount of effort is required ^_^

Which area of the wizarding world would you most like to visit?

Diagon alley
The ministry of magic
Knockturn alley

Which of these traits do you have?


And which of these?


Which of these not-so-good traits do you have? Be honest!


Which of these teachers is your favourite?

Minerva McGonagall
Filius Flitwick
Pomona Sprout
Severus Snape

Which quidditch position would you prefer to play in?

Seeker or Keeper
Erm think ill stay on the ground,i prefer to watch :)
Any as long as im captain :D.... ok perhaps a beater..