What A-Team character are you most like?

What A-Team character are you most like?

This is a test to se which character from the 1980s TV Series, "The A-Team" you're most like! Hannibal Smith? Faceman? Howling Mad Murdoch? Maybe B. A.? Take this test to see! (Sorry if it's innaccurate! ^^" My first tst ever.)

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Describe yourself with one of the following (or choose the closest if none quite fit)


A friend of yours is being picked on, you:

Try to stop it all, but also try not to make scene.
Successfully confuse the bully with some remarks you make, and
pul your friend away.
Calmly walk up smiling, and make a few sarcastic remarks, then
walk away with your friend.
Let 'em have it right in the mug!
Nothing; they can take care of themselves.

You find $100 in the parking lot, you who dropped it; you:

Keep it, of course! I found it!
Though it'd be very tempting, you return it with a smile (practically
crying on the inside though.)
Return it to it's owner; you don't really want it anyways.
Return it to it's owner, knowing it's what's right.

If you could have one of these pets, what would it be?

Probably a reptile of some sort, or something along those lines.
None; you don't really like animals much.
Anything; you love all animals!
Do golfballs count?

Describe your clothing style:

Anything I can get dirty in.
Graphics tees!
Something appriate for whatever it is I'm doing, but nothing crazy
or too "high class".
Only the best! Fancy, expensive stuff I love.
Almost anything, just as long as it's not too sissy and I can wear
my leather jacket with it!

The place you are most likely to be found is:

Writing or reading
The mall!
Fixing or making something
Making new friends!
Being with my friends
Watching TV or playing my imaginary pet!
I just like to spend time alone.
Anyplace with excitement!

If you could live in one of these places, which would it be?

The country; fresh air, wide open spaces!
The city! With all shops and everything practically at my fingertips!
I'm fine with the city or the country, just as long as I have
something to do.
Anyplace I can make a buck easily!
I'm good with anyplace.

If you could have one of these jobs, wich would you rather have?

Movie star!
*forced coughs* con-man
Police officer

Would you rather be a leader or a follower?

I would definitely want to lead.
I can lead if no one else does.
I can lead, but I'm not crazy about it.
I wouldn't want to lead at all.
No leading for me! I'm not "leader-material", I'd much prefer
I'd lead...and people better follow!

Last question, now; who is your favorite A-Team character?

B. A. Baracus
Hannibal Smith
Amy Allen (What? Seriously? Amy? But she's so.... Amy. XD)