Which Harry Potter house are you sorted in?

Which Harry Potter house are you sorted in?

Are you a courageos Gryffindor, a wise Ravenclaw, a loyal Hufflepuf, or a cunning Slytherin? Take this quiz to see!

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Which Hogwarts proffessor do you prefer?

Professor McGonagall
Professor Sprout
Professor Flitwick
Professor Snape

Which animal do you prefer?


Your friends describe you as...

Patient, dedicated, and dependable
Brave, adventurous, and chivalrious
Clever, ambitious, and determined
Witty, intelligent, and ready-minded

If you come across a locked door you've never noticed before, what would you do?

You immediately come up with an idea of what is inside and why you haven't seen this door before.
You think of the possibilities that could take place if you opened the door... power? pain? dissapointment? This interests you and now you must find a way to open this door.
You notice it and feel that because it's locked you shouldn't dissrupt whatever this may contain. If anything, you go and ask a teacher or adult about it before assuming anything.
You inform your friends and take them to this new door. They help you open it and you explore... after you are done you go to research what you've discovered and then return, despite the potential danger.

The world is in danger, and there are two sides. One is evil (and very powerful) and the other is good (but the odds are against them.) What do you do?

You join with the evil side. For sure you will win, and it will bring you glory... power... and who knows what else?
You join the good side. It doesn't matter how weak or wounded, you came to fight. You will do what's right... even if it means extreme pain, massive humiliation, or a horrible death.
You go to whichever side your family or friends are on. If the one's you've trusted your entire life go to one side, you stay with them.
You think about the "pros" and "cons" of each side. You prefer to side with the good guys, so you do so and think out the battle schemes... Where is the most vulnerable point? What to do with the injured and dead...

What will your wand's core be made of?

Pheonix feather
Dragon heartstring
Unicorn tail hair
Veela hair (or a rather ... uh...special persons hair)