Good or bad

Good or bad

Have you ever wonder if you are good or bad? Hmm.. Maybe this quiz has the answers.

published on January 03, 201440 responses 12 4.6★ / 5

Have you ever had detention?

All the time , yes.
Once or twice but I didn't smirk or anything. I felt bad for it.

Do ever get told off?

Yeah. Although I don't get told off all the time

Do you have a lot of friends?

No but who cares? They're just a bunch of losers anyways.
Yeah! I'm a popular kid at school. I don't really care about those who just sit in the bench doing nothing. They really need to get a life. Really though. I'm not being mean or anything.
I guess a decent amount.

Your pencil just snapped. What do you do?

Oh good. Luckily I packed extra
Distract the kid at the other table then quickly take his pencil. What? I'll give it back .. As soon as possible. ;)
Sir/miss, my pencil snapped. Can I use the sharpener?
Oh great! The teacher said no speaking so I'll say that I need to the toilet but actually go to another classroom and get somebody's pencil. Perfect plan.

What do you think you will get?

I don't know
Good! (Duh) I'm ALWAYS nice