Whats your dream house?

Whats your dream house?

What is my ideal house? when you think of that question you think of this quiz

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Fave Food?

More Buffet!
I dont have a fave food, only a drink

Would you jump off a cliff?

Only if a humans at the other side!
Only off somewhere small, like a bin.
No way hosay!

Do you like the house in the image?

Do you like the house in the image?
Too big!
I love it!
Just paint it then I will be happy!
Is it made of food!

Are you a boy or a girl?

A citizen from Halloween town!
Are you mad? Cant you tell by my crown, im a King/Queen!
Do you need to know that?

What do you swim in?

In a 5 star pool!
In trash!
In a mountain of food
In blood!