What house are you?

What house are you?

Find out whether you are in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Griffindor, or Slytherin!

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Someone runs past you and grabs the $10 bill you had in your hand. You walk behind them to their shabby dump of a home to get it back, but realize that the somebody is homeless and is using the money to help his sick mother. What do you do?

Nurse the mother yourself and let them keep the money.
Let them have the money, but that's it, it's their own mother!
Hey! Take the money back, and let the kid steal from someone else to nurse their mother. It's none of your biz!
Nurse the mother, but take your money back, it's your money anyways!

If you saw someone (you didnt know) being bullied, what would you do?

Leave them, they got themselves started!
Confront the bully, offer a challenge, you'll win!
Tell a teacher! They'll deal with it!
Run, you might get bullied! Or, I'll tell the bully to STOP!

What is your favorite animal out of the options?

Lizards, their fascinating!
Horse, riding them is nice!
Hamster, you like rodents!
Parrot or any bird!

If you were on vacation, what type of vacation would you go on?

Tour the world!
I don't know, maybe tour the world, or go to the Caribbeans!
Go skiing or camping!
Staycation! You know, mall, beach...

When you eat lunch, you get 4 choices, which one do you choose?

Bagel and cream cheese, YUM!
Donuts, or anything sweet!
Bacon, or fast food!
A real meal...like baked potatoes, pasta, stuff you usually eat for dinner!