Sonic High part 6

Sonic High part 6

I am super happy about my new horror story Gemini Blood. I do love horror books by R.L. Stine.

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"It was Scourge!" You weren't really that surprised. "I will kill him for hurting her," Alexis said punching Silver right in the gut.

Silvy no! Silver: leave me. Alexis: What is this a Texas movie? Silver:*puts on cowboy hat*. Alexis: XD
Oh right in the gut.
Lol XD
Your weird.
Nice Alexis. Alexis: Thank you.

Silver fell on the floor and spilled your hot chocolate on Alexis skirt. Alexis screamed so loud you almost went deft. She started punching the seat. Shadow picked Alexis up and took her outside. Julie and Sonic both followed as Shadow kicked open the door.

Id do the same if hot chocolate spilled on me.
me to.
Yeah it was hot chocolate.
She ruined my drink. T-T
She punched Silvy. Silver: ....
You okay?
I'm sure she's fine.

You helped Silver up and Tails paid the bill. When you went outside you saw Alexis punching the wall. "Isn't that concrete?" Alexis then smashed a trash can. "So are we going to the fair?" Julie asked breaking the silence. Right then you saw Scourge walk up.

Are you gonna kill him?
Oh god*looks away*.
I can take him.
This is going to be bad.
*gets popcorn*.

"You," Alexis said pulling Scourge by his jacket. "I will kill you for hurting Allie." Scourge only smiled at her and aimed his gun at her.

Kick his butt!
Yeah smack him.
Kill him... Alexis: 0_o I'm mean but not THAT mean.
Can I help you beat him? Alexis: Sure. ^-^
Lets get him!!!
Yeah! Alexis: I thought you were the good one?

Bye everyone gonna go get ice cream bye.