What is your true eye color?

What is your true eye color?

And personality! I hope you guys like this quiz, also sorry if i can't spell! >.<

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Can you keep a secret?

No...I never heard one before...(A.K.A you don't have any friends) :(

You like....snakes/spiders/rats/bugs?

EEEeeeww!!!I'M TERRIFIED OF THEM! (Come'on, they're cute~)
Awww, They're so adorbs! Except for the spider...
I like them when their not dangerous.
Why do you ask?


How did you know!? Apple then, you fiend!

How are you doing this fine day?

F*** off
Fine i guess?
What does this have to do with my eye color???
Banana Apple Feet~ (I totally agree)
Awesome! Thank you for asking~

Do you want kids one day?

one or two can't be that bad
I want more than three at least!

What is you're hair color?

Very light blonde...almost white
normal/darkish blonde
Dyed it.
Brown or other?

Is this qwiz too short/bad?

You spelled it wrong!
nope, it was very good~