Which animal are you? (1)

Which animal are you? (1)

You can find out which animal you are most like, and the animal you get will hopefully give you a useful insight on your personality.

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How good are your senses?

I have amazing senses all round
My senses are pretty good, but hearing is my best
My senses are not bad, but my sense of smell is great
My senses are average
My senses aren't to good at all

What kind of diet do you have?

I have a great diet with lots of different types of vitamins, minerals, proteins and good carbohydrates.
I have an average diet, with the occasional treat.
I have a good diet, but don't really eat enough.
I have good food, but also have lots of junk food and sweets
All I eat is junk food

How aggressive are you?

I am extremely aggressive, and fight and shout sometimes when unnecessary.
I would fight when cautious and would fight to protect myself.
I would fight only to protect myself when necessary
I would only fight to protect my children, but would prefer a non-violent approach.
I would never fight, but just run out of trouble as fast as I could.

What size are you?

I am huge and quite tall.
I am tall and slim
I am average sized and skinny
I am small and slim
I am small and wide

How hygienic are you?

I wash myself lots and lots; maybe twice or three times a day.
I wash myself every evening.
I wash myself regularly, and if I get mucky.
I rarely wash
I have never washed

How sociable/friendly are you?

I am extremely friendly, and attend many clubs/parties/social gatherings
I take part in lots of social gatherings in my relatively small group of friends
I just spend time with a few friends.
I know some other people, but mainly keep to myself.
I never socialise

How athletic are you?

I am extremely athletic, and take part in many sporting opportunities
I am quite athletic, but occasionally purposefully avoid sport
I am relatively sporty, but I'm not in the greatest physical condition
I avoid and do not enjoy participation in sport
I have never played any sport and would hate to