What Kind of Person are You? (14)

What Kind of Person are You? (14)

Are you a drama queen, a happy smacka, a teachers pet, a lovers boy, find out in this quiz which one you are.

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You laugh when...

You laugh when...
Someone falls down. It is even more funny when they cry!
Sometimes I smile when I get my weekly new phone. It always gets bedazzled too.
When I see a doggie or a kitten. They are so cute.
When I win a game. Yeah!
I laugh when others laugh.

When you are bored you...

When you are bored you...
Play with your pets
Play outside
Pull a Prank
Tell someone to find something for you to do
Write a card to you your sickly Grandma to cheer her up
Call up your friends to hang out and gossip

You eat (blank) when you come home from school.

You eat (blank) when you come home from school.
Veggies and an apple for dessert
I don't know! Whatever mom makes me.
A granola bar
Anything without meat. I'm vegetarian.
The butler always makes sushi when I get home.
I will have my Mom make something for me, but I usually throw it out and just grab a banana.
Leftovers. I don't have any special requests.

The kind of phone you have is...

The kind of phone you have is...
A simple one. Just to keep in touch. It doesn't bother me.
Ugh, this is awkward, I don't have a phone...
The hottest, newest phone out there! I need something nice to catch up on all the deets!

You prefer to dress...

In my soccer uniform! Duh!
Just grab whatever. Maybe sweats and a t-shirt.
A pink undershirt, a yellow cartegen and jeans.
The sparkly-est thing I own! And then all of the jewelry that I own.
I buy a new outfit every day. So it depends. But it is usually something expensive.
Black. It's kind of all I ever wear.
I prefer to wear my favorite "Save the animals" t-shirt. It is from the Longmont Humane Socioty.

At school I...

At school I...
Laugh at kids who dress weird. (In my head of course)
Anxiously wait until recess so I can run around.
Doodle pictures of my dog until the day ends.
Cheer up anyone and everyone who looks sad.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?
Any color. I don't care.