Which Ever After High Character Are You? (1)

Which Ever After High Character Are You? (1)

This quiz is for guys and gals who are fans of Ever After High. It is to determine which character you are.

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Whats Your Favorite Fairytale?

Snow White
Little Red Riding Hood
Sleeping Beauty
Alice in Wonderland
The Princess and The Frog

Are You a Girl or a Boy?


Do You Want to Be a Rebel or a Royal?


Who Would You Want to Have as Your Fairytale Parent?

Little Red and The Big Bad Wolf
The Evil Queen
Snow White
The Mad Hatter
Cheshire Cat
Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
The Frog Prince
The Huntsman
King Charming(Daring)
King Charming(Dexter)
The Queen Of Hearts
The Three Little Pigs
Adopted Father Eros

Who's Your Favorite Royal Character?

Apple White
Ashlynn Ella
Blondie Lockes
Briar Beauty
Daring Charming
Dexter Charming
Hopper Croakington ll
Lizzie Hearts
The Three Little Pigs

What is Your Signature Item?

An Apple
A Teapot
A Red Hood
A Glass Slipper
A Purple and Black Crown
A Hand Mirror
Love Arrows
A Frog
A Bowl of Porridge

Whats Your Favorite Color?

Bright Red
Sky Blue
Hot Pink
Light Green
Dark Red and Black
Pale Pink
Dark Purple and Black
Turquoise and Purple
Bright Red and Black
Orange and Purple
Dark Green and Brown
Light Purple and White
Light Pink, Hot Pink and White

What do you like to do on your spare time?

Ask Your Mirror Who is the Fairest of Them All
Have a Tea Party
Work at Your Shoe Store
Like to Look at Your Smile in Your Hand Mirror
Eat Food
Like to Post Things on Your Mirror Cast Blog
Like to Have Study Parties
Like to Play Cards
Try Not to Lie About Anything At All
Try to Follow Your Crush

What Club or Sport Would You Join?

Debate Team
Royal Student Council
Track Team

Who's Your Favorite Rebel Character?

Raven Queen
Madeline Hatter
Cerise Hood
Cedar Wood
Hunter Huntsman
Kitty Cheshire
C.A. Cupid