The Auras.

The Auras.

This is a multiple question quiz describing what Auras you are. From this quiz you will be given two Auras. With that, you will be able to be placed accordingly.

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Which scent fits you best?

Pine needles.

You noticed a disobedient and rude child mistreating an adult. You confront the situation by;

Explaining and making sure the child is aware that they broke rules and that their behavior is unacceptable.
Understanding the child's reason and mindset and trying to appeal to their emotions to help adress the situation
Making sure a stern law is understood by the child. Disrespect is not tolerated and if the child breaks the rule once
again, they shall have a greater punishment.
Try to get the child to understand what they did was wrong and try to fund a middle ground to build off and
make sure things don't get out of hand again.
try to logically think about what happened. Make sure you fully understand the situation before even thinking
about trying to do anything
Peacefully try to talk to both of them making sure they calmly figure out what happened. Then make sure the
child understand that balance of things and make sure he understand that he will grow and that this behavior is
not ok.
Pull she child quietly aside and tell him what he did wasnt ok, and that you were watching. Make sure he knows
your there and that his actions will no longer be tolerated if they continue to persist in this manner.
As nurturing as possible, try to make sure both sides are ok and that things will work out. Re-assure that the
situation needs to be fixed, but go about it in a loving way

If you could master the manipulation out of the following, which one would you chose to manipulate?


What is your favorite season?

It doesn't matter.

Which animal is most like you?

Golden Retreiver

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Being with the ones I love. Caring for them, helping them, and trying to be the best I can for them
By myself. Learning and keeping my distance. Not too much social activity, but still my presence is there.
Exploring. Finding new parts of the world. Figuring out how everything works together. Watching the trees and
Thinking. Figuring out how things work. Figuring out how to make sure everything will be perfect. Habitat, food,
water. All of it. Figuring out the plan and making sure everything will work out.
Hanging out. Making sure everyone is okay. Making sure that everything is under control. I really like to try to keep
everyone happy and make sure they all have the things they need.
Working on my strength. Protecting people. I also cant pass up a fun spar! I like a very active day! One with lots of
stuff to do. Hunting, Playing games, Races. Its all a joy!
Sitting back and watching. Making sure everyone is ok and doing well. Just watching everyone and admiring. I am a
more supervision type of person.
Making sure everyone's needs are met. I would like to try to make sure everything is perfect but I will work hard to
make sure it gets that way. Make sure everyone is safe and happy.

When faced with a group project, Which role do you usually take?

Worker. I do what I'm told. And get it done fast.
Peacekeeper. Make sure everything is balanced out and help people who need it.
Supply Getter. Making sure everyone has everything c:
Leader. Make sure we have a plan that fits well with everyone.
I work on everything a little bit. Make sure everything is finished.
I'm the brains. I make sure all the right answers are selected.
I am encouragement. I sit and cheer.
I do my work well, and make sure everything is tippy top shape.

Chose which set of words best describe you?

Smart, Strong, Kind.
Thoughtful, Active, Sensitive.
Smart, Precise.
Kind, Thoughtful, Balanced.
Distant, Smart, Quiet.
Nurturing, Kind, Gentle.
Honest, Peaceful, Understanding.
Strong, Charming, Active.