Which Disney Dining Plan is best for me?

Which Disney Dining Plan is best for me?

I've decided the Dining Plan is "worth it" for me and my family. Now which package should I purchase?

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What is your ideal day in the park?

Go, go, go! Ride every ride, see every show, and shop in every store, so we don't have much time to sit down and eat.
I like to do a lot and cover a lot of ground, but I also like to sit down and enjoy a nice meal every now and then, especially if it is a buffet or character dining experience!
I like to enjoy a day in the park, but I also like to take the time to eat a nice meal, reguardless of what else we have planned for the day.

What do you typically eat for breakfast?

Just a donut or bagel and I'm out the door!
Breakfast is my favorite! I love to eat a big meal with eggs, bacon, waffles, you name it!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I may not eat a lot, but I definitely eat more than a granola bar on the go.

When you go to a theme park for the day, what do you like to eat for lunch?

Whatever is on the menu at the nearest food stand; hotdog, hamburger, funnel cake...when I'm hungry, I'm hungry.
Something quick, but filling.
The best of what the park has to offer! Plus, it is nice to take a load off my feet and relax in the air-conditioning!

What is your favorite part of a Disney vacation?

The food! I love to sample new cuisine from different countries in EPCOT, or visit nice restaurants at the Delxue Disney Resorts.
Meeting Disney Characters! We are always waiting in lines for autographs and pictures, but it's worth it when we see the kid's faces.
Riding rides, or course! We love to hit up every single attraction there is when we visit WDW.

Generally, what is your budget when it come to eating out?

Tight. The cheaper the better.
Middle of the road. Not tight, but not extravagant.
Sky's the limit. We love the whole dining experience.