Which "Hunter" character are you?

Which "Hunter" character are you?

Are you a Head Hunter or a Brass Cupcake? Or maybe you are suave like Sporty James. Take this personality test to find out which "Hunter" character matches up best with you!

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You drive:

Better than you do, that's for sure.
A car that was last made during the Johnson administration.
The get-away car.
A statement car that says to the world, "I have arrived."
A bike.

You have a nickname. How do you feel about it?

I coined it myself, so I'd better darn well love it!
I know it exists, but I pretend not to hear it.
I hand out nicknames to other people. I don't answer to them.
As long as people are talking to me, I don't care what name they use.
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Your relationship to firearms is:

Really more intimate than it ought to be, all things considered.
I own one and I will use it if I have to.
I am a lover not a fighter.
I am in a committed relationship with several firearms.
Why? What have you heard??

The glass is:

Half full.
Half empty.
Empty and it has a crack in it.
Probably has cat hair on it.
Filled with wine.
No one ever offers me a glass.

Do you make friends easily?

Yes. Friends are favors waiting to happen.
Yes. Especially those with benefits.
Yes, although sometimes they get me into trouble.
I try, but they always seem to end up dead or arrested.
Yes, but they're all stiffs.
No. Cats make the best friends.
I have a friend. That's plenty for me.

Your sense of fashion would best be described as:

Colorful. Maybe too colorful.
Crippled at birth.
Hip and happening. Transformative. Evolving. Tasteful. Inspiring. Thunderous. Magnificent. Flashy. I could go on here...
Vibrant and spring-like!
Black is always in style.
I usually remember to wear clothes.

You like your coffee:

Served in bed with a smile.
As fast and cheap as possible.
First thing in the morning, before attempting even a conversation.
Burned, like my soul.
With a side of jazz.

When choosing a romantic partner, you look for:

No wants, no warrants.
Someone living.
Someone blonde and on the wrong side of the law.
Someone who likes animals.
Someone with a sense of adventure. And a Ferrari.

Your phone rings in the middle of the night. The person on the other end is most likely:

Your boss
Your best friend and platonic life-partner
Your bookie
Your significant other
Your ex, looking for bail money
A wrong number

The best thing about a party is:

The food!
The people!
The booze!
Nothing. There is nothing good about parties.
Everything! I love parties!
Throwing them -- I can put on a bash.
Just being invited.

It's Saturday night. You are most likely:

Out at the symphony.
Home cleaning my gun.
In a holding cell somewhere.
Hitting the religious retreat again.
Trying to decide which of the two hotties at the bar you're going to take home.

It's dinner time, and you are cooking. What's on the menu?

Whatever food I can manage without actually turning on the stove.
Kale and date salad. With a side of kiwi.
It's not the food that matters, it's the company you have at the dinner table.
I am not familiar with this word "cooking."