Personality Quiz (10)

Personality Quiz (10)

This is a personality quiz. Try it and I'll bet you love it. This is my fifth quiz in one day. CHEERS!!

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The hot new kid who's been there for a week's locker is right next to yours. They say a simple, "Hey." What do you say back?

"Wassup? You're new here right? I'm Y/N!"
"You've been here for a week, you jerk! What's making you say something now?"
"Hi! Wow! I'm already thinking of all these ways that we can become closer as friends!"
"Hi. I'm Y/N. If you're still confused about where a few things are or how some things go around here. My name is Y/N and I wouldn't
mind showing you around or filling you in on the info."

You're invited to a party. Do you go?

No, what will happen?
You go and have the time of your life. What's holding you back?
You don't go. Not because you're scared, you just don't like people in general.
Sure. Why not?
I'd love to. It'll be fun.

You're on a date and your date spills a bottle of wine on you accidentally. What do you do?

Run away! I'm so embarrassed.
Sweetie, I can make anything look good. I'd thank them.
I'd curse them out.
The colors mix wonderfully!
I'd talk to them about it and tell them not to worry.

What's your fav color?

Any bright or loud colors
Black or grey.
There are so many I can't decide!

You find out you have the power to shape-shift, who do you tell about it and what do you do with it?

Tell nobody and use the power to change the things I don't like about myself.
Tell everybody and use it to throw awesome parties!
Tell nobody and use the gift to take over the world.
Tell nobody and use it to draw a self portrait or make a movie with an actual star! I just want to do SOMETHING creative with it.
Tell my parents and use it to help others.

You find out your gf/bf is cheating on you. What do you do?

Cry and run away to another state, maybe change my name.
Cheat on them back!
Ruin their lives, burn their house down or something like that.
Break it off, the next person will be the one.
I'd talk to them about it, and if they have a reasonable excuse, I'll stay with them, but if they don't, maybe it was never meant to be.

You fail your math quiz. What do you do?

High unlikely I got an F, because I cheated.
Curse out the teacher.
Get a red marker and turn the F into an A.
Kindly ask the teacher if I could redo the test.

Which of these places would you like to be the most?

A nice calm place.
An epic party!
At an museum filled with priceless ancient and not to mention interesting and beautiful artifacts!
Anywhere with friends and family.

Which of these do you think are your element?

All of them are great.

What did you think of the test?

I don't know.
It rocked!
It sucked.
Very unique!
It was great. You should be proud.