The Primary Stereotypical Quiz

An examination of views and attitudes towards stereotypes in the Trinity community.

published on August 08, 201125 responses 7 4.5★ / 5

Do stereotypes affect your perception of people?

Yes, moderately
Yes, completely

Do your initial impressions of people change upon discovering a person conforms to a stereotype?

Yes, they make they think of them very negatively
No, I do not take stereotypes into account
Yes, they make a small impact

Do you act differently around gay (or lesbian, bisexual or transgender) people?

Yes, I act moderately differently
Yes, I completely change my behaviour because I feel threatened
Yes, I act more nicely to them

If someone acts 'stereotypically' for a group they belong to, does that affect your perception of them?

No, I treat people on their merits
Yes, it makes me perceive them more negatively
It may change some of my behaviour if I dislike that stereotype

Should we aspire to individualism or to simply conform to the perception of the groups we belong to?

We should act as we individually please, choosing whether or not to conform
We should embrace social perceptions
Neither, we should only embrace traditional values

Are gays entitled to equal rights?

No, it's already legal, they shouldn't ask for more.
Only some rights, marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Are women entitled to equal rights?

While there are some natural differences, mostly.
No, both genders should serve different roles.

Do you think LGBT people should be allowed to hold Mardi Gras parades?

Perhaps, if they are limited away from most public spaces
No, they are indecent

If someone tells you they are gay, does having known them for a long period affect your perception of them?

No, I would accept them regardless
No, I would reject them regardless
Yes, I would treat them better if I'd known them for a long time

Do you think that stereotypes may be harmful to others?

No, because they are actively used by those people
Yes, but only to a degree
Yes, because they box people in to one paradigm

Do you act differently around members of the opposite sex?

Yes, I act nicer to them
Yes, I treat them worse
No, I treat all people equally

Do you treat indigenous Australians any differently to other people?

Yes, I treat them worse than other people
Yes, I try not to, but I do use stereotypes in evaluating indigenous people
No, I act the same around all people, because we are all equal

Do your initial impressions of people hold true?

Yes, because I am pretty accurate initially
Yes, because people are all two-dimensional
No, when I learn about people I tend to re-evaluate them

Do stereotypes create prejudices towards certain groups of people?

No, stereotypes can be useful to evaluate behaviour
Yes, but they deserve it
Yes, which is very damaging

Should we aspire to equality of opportunity within society?

No, we should just enforce existing laws
No, we should impose mainstream social values
Yes, because all people should have a fair go