Would You Make A Good Assassin?

Would You Make A Good Assassin?

Would you be a good assassin or an awful one? Take the test to find out.

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You're outnumbered, 5 to 1. What do you do?

Try to call for help.
Fight your way out.
Beg for your life.
Try to find a way to escape.
Tell them that you're worth something.

You find out that you're wanted dead. What do you do?

Seduce the person who wants me dead then kill them.
Kill the assassin sent to kill me.
Lead my assassin into an ambush.
Kill the person who sent the assassin then kill my assassin. Easy as that.
Beg for the assassin not to kill me.

You're supposed to kill your best friend. Uh-oh.

Beg your boss to not make you kill your best friend.
Do it anyway. If somebody wants them dead they must have to be dead for a reason.
Tell them I've always loved them and then stab them in the heart when they turn away.
Warn them.
Ask a friend to do it for me.

What is the weapon that you choose?

Ninja stars
Nothing. My fists are enough.

Do you think you would be the coolest assassin?

Do you think you would be the coolest assassin?
I think I'd be the sexiest assassin.
What kind of question is that? Of course!

You're having dinner with your target, what do you do?

You're having dinner with your target, what do you do?
You're a little shaky.
You're so nervous, you're shaking and sweating.
You act natural without a sweat.
You tell them to take you to their place.
You try to act natural, though you're super scared.

You arrive at your target's house. Your target is asleep, hugging a teddy bear as they slept. Not to mention they're wearing Winnie the Pooh underwear.

You climb into bed with them then fall asleep and in the morning say that they had a hangover then poison their breakfast.
You don't laugh because you don't find it amusing and just kill them there.
You don't laugh though you find it amusing.
Laugh out loud.

Your lover has been kidnapped. What do you do to help them?

You try to get help before dealing with the situation.
Try to get close to the person who did it, then kill them and find your friend.
Go yourself and kill them all.
Try to get kidnapped yourself then help them escape.
Nothing! I don't want to get hurt!