Sonic high part 5

Sonic high part 5

Okay part 5 yay. If you like Disney movies then check out After Ever After I hear its awesome. :)

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After school you saw Alexis, Allie, Shadow, and Silver walking in the direction of your house. You ran up to them. "Hey ____," Allie said smiling. Alexis smiled at you, Silver levitated your backpack, and Shadow ignoring you. Alexis smacked his arm. "Shadow, don't be rude," Alexis said. They both stared at each other with red eyes.

What's happening?
I think she's challenging him.
To what?
Yay a fight.
Shadow's rude.
He doesn't scare me.
He scares me.

"Hi," Shadow finally said after losing a silent staring contest. Alexis smiled at you. "Do you live around here?" Silver asked breaking the silence. "Yeah and you guys invited me to Alexis' house tomorrow. "Yeah Shadow and Silver live near my house and Allie's coming over today," Alexis said now flying above everyone.

She is flying!! 8D
-_- she could always fly.
Omg you didn't notice her bat wings?
She had bat wings?!
Your such and idiot. -_-.
I didn't know.

You saw Silver was about to say something when you saw a huge mob of girls run towards you guys. "SHADOW WE LOVE YOU!!!!" You saw everyone start to run but even Shadow and Alexis couldn't outrun them.

*in the mob*.
But you guys have super speed.
They must be REALLY crazy.
Silver where are you? Silver:*flying with Allie*.
Does this normally happen? Alexis: Sometimes.

"Step off of him!" Alexis said holding out a rocket launcher. They all ran away. "Why'd you save me?" "They're just annoying," Alexis said smiling. Allie and Silver came down as you both all came to a big house.

That place is huge.
Pretty house. 8D.
Who's house is this?
It's the size of a palace.
Why are we at the president's house? Alexis: We're not.

Who's house is this?" You finally asked. "It's mine," Alexis said smiling. "How did you afford this?" "My parents were rich." "Were?" Alexis closed her eyes. Shadow and Silver walked farther and the three of you stopped. "Bye guys see you tomorrow ____," Silver said waving as Shadow ignored you. You smiled as Allie and Alexis vanished into the big house. "Bye ___," Alexis and Allie said before Alexis closed the door.

See you everyone.
Later guys.*runs off*.
Bye girls*skips away*.
*runs off*.

You went upstairs at your house and fell asleep. You woke up and saw Alexis knock on your window. The shock sent you falling out of your bed and on the floor. You got up and opened the window. "Nice bed head," Alexis teased. You looked down and saw Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Julie, and Tails standing outside your house. "We're going to the café get dressed and meet us down here," Sonic called. When you got down stairs you saw your sister and mom watching T.V. "Oh dear your friends are waiting for you."

Something is wrong.
What could be wrong?
Something's always wrong.
I think this quiz is perfect.
I have bed head.
I hate bed head.
I hate you Alexis for waking me up. Alexis: Then get outta here. *points to door*.

You all rode in Sonic's car except Alexis and Shadow who rode on their motorcycles. You all sat in a booth next to the T.V. "Next we have Allie the Hedgecat she was found in an alley beaten and is now in the hospital with a major head injurey." Alexis watched the T.V in horror as they showed a picture of Allie in the hospital with her eyes closed.

Are your okay Alexis? Alexis:....
Have you calmed down now? Alexis:*dicenigrating all of Knuckles punching bags*. Knuckles: Hey!
I don't think she has yet.
When no duh captian oveous.
Poor Knuckles Alexis ruined his punching bags.
Why do you care about her? Alexis: She's my best friend!!!

"Alexis what happened last night?" Silver asked as he drank some coka cola. "Okay um... after Allie and I played WIIU we went shopping we were headed to the mall when these guys tried to ambush us. I remember Allie telling me to run and then head to my house." "Do you remember who the people were?" Tails asked as he was handed a grilled cheese sandwhich. Alexis took a bite of her ribpatty then nodded. "Yes it was-" Sorry stopping there. Bye. :).

Oh come on. Alexis: -_-