Which Gypsy Sister Are You?

Which Gypsy Sister Are You?

Find Out If Your: Kayla, Nettie, Mellie, JoAnn, Sheena, Gypsy Sisters; TLC; Every Thursday At 9:00 pm

published on December 24, 201343 responses 1 4.2★ / 5

How Do You Dress?

Black Colored Shorts with Pink Ruffle Strapless Top, Sparkly Flip Flops, And Big Sparkly Accesories
Sparkly Tank Top, Denim Skirt, High Heels, Small Sparkly Accessories
Plain Tank/Shirt, Leggings, Flip Flops, Little Accesories
Pink Cheetah Jeans, Gray Tank/Shirt, Barefoot, Sparkly Accessories
Black Top, Shorts, Sparkly Flip Flops, Big Sparkly Accesories
Blue Tank Top, Shorts, Flip Flops, Sparkly Accessories

What Necklace Would You Rather Wear?

Big, Sparkly, Bold Necklace
Medium Size, Flat Open Heart
"Love Haters"
Small Regular Necklace

What Style Of Hair Do You Like?

Medium or Big Poof
Straight Hair
Ponytail (Low, Medium and High)
Messy Bun
Straight and Ponytail

What Car Brand Would You Like To Drive?


What Are You Known For?

Don't Take Crap
Quiet But Can Have Words