which amnesia guy would you end up with?

which amnesia guy would you end up with?

I have finished this anime about a month ago and I love all of the guys and to anyone else who likes them it would be nice to see which one you would end up with.

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what are you doing most of the time?

having fun
hang out with my lover and try to protect them no matter what.

what do people think of you?

charming and irresistible
insane and obsessive
kind and smart

if someone breaks in what do you do?

depends on where they are breaking into.
if they are a girl charm them... then call the cops.
take a couple knifes, some guns, any hard object and attack him or her....
hide and call the cops while protecting my loved one.

what do you care about most?

school and grades
your crush and nothing else
getting your crush to like you

what do you wear most of the time?

fantasy clothing
normal, but cool clothes
awesome clothes
a uniform from a cafe

do you like anime?

what is anime?
I don't have time for useless questions!
if it reminds me of you. (what....)