What Sonic would date you?

What Sonic would date you?

Lets face it... we all wanna know what Sonic guy would fall head over heals for you. Just say it. Now take the dang quiz!!! (Girls only)

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Alright everyone welcome to your Sonic crush. This week we will be quizing... you! Here's your first question. You and your boyfriend go on a date where?

Jogging. I want my guy to be in shape. I'm already perfect!
Somewhere quiet to think about our places in the world.
A science lab where everyone is working on a new time machine.
Somewhere to build or construct. Me and my boyfriend want to surprise Sonic with something we made together.
A boxing tornament. (I'm not a great speller okay but I do make a rockin' quiz)

Here's our next question! You and your boyfriend are at the mall and you try on something that you look super good in. What do you expect him to say?

You look nice!
You look like a friend of mine. Don't worry she was pretty. (You: What do you mean by was...)
You look pretty.
You look beautiful.
You look hot!

Next question! You finish at the mall and he buys you what you want. Then he takes you home in his...?

In his what? He picked me up ran me home
Hot motorcycle and the other guys whistled at me but he took out a gun and scared them off! Ha ha!
We just warped there. Nothing to it.
Well you see, we built this robot before we left and...
He had the master emerald with him the whole time. Ha ha!

When you get home you watch tv. What do you watch?

The Olympic games my boyfriend loves to watch everyone be slower than him.
We don't watch a movie we listen to the song ET by Katy Perry and then we kiss
The Discovery Channel
An all new episode of "bully beat down"!

Pick a animation show that still comes on today.

Sonic X! Movin' the speed of sound quickest hedgehog around.... oh I could go on all day! (Me two! I'm Sonic's biggest fan)
Avatar TLA! I love to see all the elements blast around!
Yugioh 5D's! Their motorbikes are so futuristic! They are so cool!
I'm not into anime. Sorry!
TMNT! I love those turtles. I love you Mike/Leo/Don/Ralph

When Spider man comes on what do you say?

He needs a fast partner to make the show complete.
I like the colors!
I like the episode where...
Is there any machines in the Spider man universe?
Go Kryptonite! Bad guy, good guy I don't care!

How do you like a happy ever after! (Sorry I'm watching the final episode of Avatar and I'm almost crying)

A little kiss then I'm on my way!
Spontanious kiss then a hug then I'm good!
A loving thing that you never want to end!
A thing that is kind of embarrassing but really sweet.
A little romance in the night time.

Aang and Katara hugging and kissing. Aw. I'm officially crying.

Yeah yeah that's nice now let's get things over with.
Sweet but wierd
Aw how romantic! Now you've got me crying! (Sob)
How, sweet!
That's nice I-I guess.

While I finish crying answer this. What is your favorite color out of these!

Blue, Green or Terquoise
Red or Black
Grey or White
Yellow or Orange
Red and purple together

FINAL QUESTION!!! If Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails and Knuckles were drowning which one would you save. Oh and they all lost their powers. And there is only one life preserve.

Sonic! I love you! You can swim either! Son'c take the life preserve quick!
Shadow! You are soooooo sexy! I'l save you if you promise to marry me!
Silver baby! I'm coming to save you!
Tails! Nooooooo! Take the preserve and don't give it to no one else.
Knuckles I love you sooooo much! I'l save you!