What is your personality? (3)

What is your personality? (3)

What is your personality? Find out things about yourself you never knew.

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What is closest to your favorite color?

Anything pink!
In the ranges of black, brown, and green.
Sunny colors!
Anything in style.

What is your favorite season?

Summer! Can't wait for the beach and my pink bikini!
Fall! I love the bright colors!
Spring, because I love seeing the new fashions.
Winter. Snow caters to my style.

What is your dream room most like?

Loft/bunkbed, desk, seats, and lots of books, fridge for snacks.
Pink sheets, pink chair, pink walls! And don't forget my canopy!
Stylish bed, plenty of comfy chairs for friends, and a huge closet with tons of clothes!
A cheery room with huge windows to let the sun in, a day bed in the corner, and a yellow ceiling and walls!

What's your favorite thing to do?

Surf the internet or relax in my room.
Call all my friends!
Anything fun!
Debate on my outfit for the next day.

What kind of person are you?

Day person!
Night person.
Whenever I can put together an amazing outfit is a good time!
Sunset! They have some great pinks. But I also like anytime my friends call.

Which would you rather be when you grow up?

Teacher, lawyer, or police officer.
Anything fun!
Fashion designer.
I'll work in a mall! I love to shop!