Which Deltora Quest Character are YOU?

Which Deltora Quest Character are YOU?

Find out which Deltora Quest Hero or Villan You are in one short quiz.

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You see your friend being bullied at school. Do you...

Rush over and Attempt to help
Break up the Fight. You know its the right thing to do
Make the bully suffer
Laugh and watch the chaos unfold
Go and help the bad guy
Slip the bully tips about your friends weak spots
Trip the bully up to give your friend an advantage

A family treasure disappears and its up to you to find it. Do you...

Put all your time and energy into finding the lost treasure
Search long and hard till you find it
Go and look for it. After all it wont find its self
Use magic to find it. After all its the easiest thing to do
Send some one else to find it and give it to you. After all, It may be valuable
Do nothing...
Find it

You see a Raven and its hurt its wing. What do you do...

You help the bird to the extent of your strength
You also help the bird to the extent of your strength
You make the bird a beloved family pet and care for it always
Eat it for dinner
Kick it aside. You have better things to do than help birds.
Do nothing at all just look at it
Help the bird into a tree so that its safe

You are entered in the Rithmere games and you have to pick a category

Speed as well
Agility Also
Agility as well

What Weapon Would you use

A Long Sword
A Broad Sword
A Dagger
A magic Ring
An army of freaks
A bow and arrow
A bow and arrow with Daggers