Does he like you??

find out if he likes you with this accurate quiz. it works trust me ..

published on August 04, 2011133 responses 9 3.8★ / 5

does he try to make you laugh??

yes!!, totally yes all the time
sometimes but rarely
nope never

does he ever ditch his friends for you?

no why would he do that
yes!! actually he has
all the time, its like he is always by me

does he touch you? (like ur hand , hair, foot,or arm)

most of those plus more
a couple of those
ewww why would he

is he your friend??

yes we are very close
no he is more
we are sorta but he acts more like he likes me
no he doesn't know i am alive

does he ever stare at you?

to much but its cute
sometimes he does

last question , do you personally think he likes you?

hell ya why am i even taking this
no not even a little