Which Mlp Character are you? (2)

Are you Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, or maybe even Derpy Hooves? Which Mlp Character are you most like?

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Which Mlp Character are you? (2)
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What would you rather do with your free time?

Stay inside and read books, or study for your upcoming test. It's important that I get good grades.
Throw a party for your friends and invite them over with cake and music.
Design your latest dress, it's gonna be your finest masterpiece.
Find some friends to play a game of soccer with.
Go outside, where all the animals and birds will be.
Get some excercise or do some chores around the house.

Which one of these words best describes you?

Euphoric (Happy)

You're playing a game of dodgeball. Elimination to be exact. Unfortunately your team loses, but the other team cheated. What's the first thing you do?

It doesn't matter we played fair and square. That's all that matters. If the other team cheats than that's their choice, at least I know that I didn't.
Walk up to the other team and say that they cheated. You insist a rematch again.
You don't really care, so you admit defeat and that dodgeball isn't really your "thing".
Walking up to the other team shaking their hands, you help clean up every last dodgeball, knowing that it was fun and is only a game.
You didn't really care, it was a fun time. So you walk out still smiling, even though you lost.
You hid in the corner all the time. Afterwards you run out feeling nervous and scared.

What's your favourite food out of these?

A sweet and juicy, golden delicious apple.
Maybe a slice of tasty pizza.
Maybe some candy? Cake? I don't know anything sweet counts.
A healthy meal, anything really. I just want to keep a balanced diet.

It's a cold, snowy day with blistering winds. You're stuck inside your house till the blizzard is over. What do you do in the meantime?

I take a nap of course, what else is there to do?
Read a book about Star Swirl The Bearded.
I would jump on my bed, that's always fun!
Make myself a nice cup of hot chocolate, and wrap myself in a warm blanket.
Relax with a nice warm bath to calm down.
Run around the house or do some chores.
Mayb play some games or watch t.v.

What does life mean to you?

To make as much friends as possible. So I would have ponies to talk to and joy will spread.
To study and get good grades so I can leave, feeling confident and smart.
To be the best at everything, that's what. I want to accomplish my long life goal, to join the Wonderbolts.
To be a hard working pony and help as much ponies as possible.
To relax with nature and it's beauty. I want to cherish this wondeful place called Earth. Maybe even travel around the world. Woo hoo!
To be the best dress designer this world has ever known.

What is your favourite colour?

Yellow, orange, or red.
Grey, white, black. Maybe dark blue?

What is your favourite season?

Winter with all the beautiful snow.
Summer, where it's hot and warm. Perfect for some swimming at the beach.
Spring, such a fashionable season for new outfits.
Fall which means Halloween. It's the perfect time for scaring little kids.

At school, you see your friend getting bullied. What's the first thing you do?

I go up to that bully and teach him a lesson, he doesn't have the right to mess with my friend.
Try to reason between the two. Ask them why they are fighting, and try to reach a peacful conclusion.
I go up to the bully and make them pay for their sins.
Umm...I try to stop them both from fighting, but i'm a little nervous.
I wait for the right moment to distract the bully with funny faces. It's a great plan!
I go up to em and tell that bully to stop. No one messes with my friends.

What is your favourite type of activity?

Soccer or Basketball
Reading and Writing
Baking or Cooking
Running and Obstacles
Crafts or any small activity

What is your favourite genre of movie/shows?

Animal Life

Pretend that your moving to a different shcool, people there are new and you as well. The first guy/girl walks up to you and says "Hi". What do you do?

I say "Hi" back and introduce myself, start to get to know each other a bit.
I step back a bit feeling a bit shy, but reply with a soft "Hi".
I say "Hi" and say my name, I keep on talking to him/her for a while. I'm mostly a conversation starter.
I say "Hey, what's up?" Afterwards I invite them over to play soccer.
I say "Hi!" in a loud excited tone. Your really happy to see him/her, a new friend, and complement each other.

Last but no least, if you were a pony in Equestria, where would you prefer to live?

Cloudsdale, where all the cool ponies can be. Like the Wondebrolts.
In Ponyville, on Sugar Cube Corner. With lot's of things to do. A comfortable, peaceful place to live in.
In Canterlot, where I can study everything about magic.
Down at Sweet Apple Acres, where there's plenty of work and apples.
The Crystal Empire with fancy sparkling exterior designs.
In Ponyville, with small animals, where every pony knows every pony.