Mystery Personality Quiz

Mystery Personality Quiz

I would take this quiz without the mystery title, I think it biases the answer to know the quiz.

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Your trustworthy friend has the answers to a big test and is willing to share them with you, what do you do?
1st 3 questions are school related.

I take the answers but don't use them, I don't want to seem uncool to my friend, but I don't want to cheat either.
I already know the answers, I studied enough so that I'm sure I'll will get most, if not all, the answers right.
I don't take the answers, but wait until the middle of the test and tell on my friend in front of everyone.
I already got the cheat sheet from my other friend, I already have a plan on how to look at it during the test.
I tell on my friend, they need to get the answers on their own!
I take the answers, use them during the test and manage not to get caught despite not being careful about hiding the cheat sheet.

A kid is being bullied outside, the bully's two lackeys are watching. You don't know any of them. You are the only other person who is watching, what do you do?
1st 3 questions are school related.

Go right up to the bully and give him a fist to the face, you can take him.
Go tell a teacher and make sure the teacher doesn't mention that you're the one who told on the bully.
Keep watching, maybe even cheer a bit in your head.
Go tell a teacher and make sure the kid is okay after the bully is taken care of.
Get three or four of your taller friends to go out there and intimidate the bully and tell him off.
Wait until it's over, then find the kid afterward to make sure he's okay, and ask if he wants to tell a teacher.

Your friend drops thier things in the middle of the hallway and it goes everywhere, the bell is about to ring and if you keep moving you won't be late.

Set your stuff in your class and go back out to help them as fast as you can, you don't care if you're late.
Go to your class quickly and ask the teacher if you can go help your friend.
Laugh (out loud or inside your head) and just keep going to your class, it's their fault for being clumsy.
Dash to your friend and help them pick their things up, you can just explain to your teacher why you're late.

Favourite colour of the rainbow?
No indigo, sorry.

Purple (violet)

Favourite personality type in OTHER people?

Honest, I don't care if it isn't all nice, it's the truth.
Brave, there isn't anything just like a great adventure.
Mischievous, a little trouble here and there is fun and hurts no one.
Nice, a kind heart and soul is all I look for, I hate mean people.
Evil, anything from popping tires to tripping people to stealing lollipops, I love it.
Smart, an intelligent mind makes for interesting conversation.

What do you think of YOURSELF personality wise?


Your friend tells you about a crime they committed on accident. They took someone's bag that looks exactly like their own and found a wallet and phone in it. What do you do?
(I'm hungry now x.x aghhhh food question next I must do it!)

Report them. It's the honest thing to do, they stole something now they have to pay for their actions.
Congratulate them on their success! Tell them that they're awesome for doing it.
Tell them they should find the person it belongs to and explain the accident, when they do it you go with them for moral support.
Tell them you'll take the bag and return it, you'll explain the accident and take any blame.
What, my friend makes mistakes? Never heard of the word. I would've stole it if I'd been lucky enough to have the chance like they did.
Good job on being hungry, author to this mystery quiz. I would/wouldn't help if I could. I have/don't have some/any food and I can't/won't/will give you some.

You have a big lunch prepared for today, you have a lettuce, turkey, cheese, and tomato (ew) sandwich with 5 cookies, two big pineapple slices, and a bottle of soda (or water). Your friend who's eating with you is ogling your lunch.
Food fantasy.

Ask them what they're staring at and keep eating.
Give them the cookies because you know how much bad stuff the cookies are made of.
Ignore them and pig out. (what I would do with anyone but my bff right now, growly stomach >.<)
Share your lunch with them, give them about 1/3 of your lunch because they already have food.
Ask them what they want of your lunch and give them what they ask for, if they say nothing give them something anyway.
Ask your friend what they're eating and trade some of your food with theirs.

What Hogwats house do you place in House quizES? (Make sure you took more than two quizes to give your majority result)

I have positively no clue, its not like I would just take this quiz a few times -->

What Divergent faction do you get on quizES? More than two again. Lazies who haven't taken one and won't look it up -->


Your friend fell asleep on the couch at your house, what do you do? (I'm so tired)

Nudge your friend until they wake up, if they take a swing at you then you jab them with a pencil until they wake.
Wake them nicely and remind them that if they sleep now they won't be able to later.
Draw a mustache on their face with sharpie.
Let them sleep, they're your friend, they were planning on staying another two hours anyway.
They might have plans, so you wake them gently and ask, if they don't have plans you offer to drive them home.
Make it look like they're picking thier nose and take a picture.

What's up with you? I'm doing fine.

I was pulling some pranks yesterday, it was so cool.
Just reading a book, same as always.
Hanging out with friends, 'cause my friends are awesome.
Jumping off tall stuff and taking extreme risks.
I'm sneaking out of my house tonight to go to a party.
Dreaming and reaching to achieve. Everyday I get closer because I always work towards my dream.

Pretend for a second that 13 is actually a unlucky number, what would you think about the number?

I'd love using it against other people. Such trickery.
I'd work through the number, bad luck can't handle me!
I'd take the statistics of the number 13 and try to prove whether or not it actually causes bad luck.
I'd try to avoid the number and never use it around my friends.


An adventure!
Depends on who you ask.