Mario school WWFFY

Mario school WWFFY

Hello, new super Mario fans! Today, I'm going to make a super Mario school story!

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It was your first day at Super School, you didn't know how you got in but you would probably make some great new friends. As you throw your bag over your shoulder you headed in the school to your first class. You groaned, History.

So, I can make it through a whole hour of that!
Um, ok lets do this!
When's lunch?

You walked into the class, your reaction?

New people? cool
T-there staring at me >.<
Alright, who can I sit with?

You end up sitting with 6 people. You sat next to a guy in green and a mushroom kid.

Talk about awarked....
*Blush* s-so embarrassing, I should of sat by myself

"Hello! It's nice of you to sit with us" the green dinosaur said.
Everyone nodded at you.

No problem! I just want to make friends!
n-no problem *rubs back of neck*
Yay, more friends!!

"I'm Yoshi!" said the green dinosaur
"And that's Mario, toad, luigi, peach and daisy"

You guys are awesome!

Mario: *smiles*
H-hi! *covers face in embarrassment*
Luigi: Don't be embarrassed....
*pulls out orange*

Yoshi: are you ugh, going to eat that?

After history, was lunch you hanged out with the guys and ate together

Mario: Can I have the salt please?

you: sure *hands it to Mario*
*drinks soda*

Luigi: Can I have some of t-that?

*pour drink in Luigi's empty cup*
Yoshi: have one, it's my favourite...blimp fruit!

you: *eats it* delicious

Something in the comer of your eye, like a gigantic figure comes out, a giant turtle thing. The three of you jump up at the same time.

You: think your so tough? huh, tough guy?!

Mario: STAY BACK ____!
W-what do y-you want?!

*grips on Luigi*
*Backs away slowly behind Yoshi*

Bowser grabs Luigi and beats him.
"HEY!! GETTA OFF MY BROTHER!!" Mario yelled turning into his fire form.


*Punches Bowser*

*Kicks Bowser*

*throws blimp fruit*

Whatever you did Bowser throws Luigi to the ground and punches you in the face.

*falls on ground*

I-I cant give up... *blacks out
*falls on ground*

I-I was only t-trying to help.. *blacks out*
*falls on ground and blacks out*