what celebrety are you?

what celebrety are you?

what celebrety are you? find out what celbrity you are with this quiz.

published on August 03, 201186 responses 16
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you are going on your first date with a guy what do you wear

a flashy mini dress
a funky top with a cute colored pair of jeans
just a light colored top with a wight cartigan and denim jeans

your friend dares you to ask out your crush what do you say?

no way i'm to shy.
ask him out? i am already dateing him!
sure i am always up for a dare!

what is your fav color

a light color like yellow or sky blue
something like red or green
pink,purple and neon

what is your dream vacation?

the beach
one place?!? i wanna go around the world!

what is your fav meal?

ill eat almost anything
a steak dinner
anything homemade