what clan are you in

this quiz is very true and will explain the clan u r in and y u r in it

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what explains u most?

small active quik and jumpy
i hav thick yet smooth fur and im very strong
very strong and small and fast
big boned thik fur big and scary looking

r u good with kits?

no they r scared of me
yes i love them and they love me but i hav never had my own
ehh they r ok but im far to bussy
i hav a batch of my own they r annoying but i still love them

u find a helpless sick cat in ur terriorty what do u do

try to help it but if not burry it
take it to my medicine cat she will know what to do
sadly leave i cnt take the chanses of getting my clan sick
feed it to the bears

what do u do in ur spare time?

hunt with friends
climb to the top of a mountian
i never hav spare time

do u hav a problem with killing other cats?

i wld rather not but sumtimes it has to b done
cnt stand it

how many frinds do u hav

who needs em....
lots and lots
yeah i got a few
yeah but never got time to hangout

do u bleave in star clan

yes and who ever doesnt i will kill
cnt make up my mind
no but who ever does does not belong with me
sum do and sum dnt i dnt care