what is your real age?

what is your real age?

you may think you know how old you are but you may be wrong.take this quiz to find out.

published on August 02, 2011234 responses 85
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A friend asks you too go on vacation with her for a week what do you start thinking?

i will ask my parents i pretty sure they will say yes!!!
no way a hole week is too much time away from the fam.
ya sure my parents will be totaly cool with it i am old enough to take care of myself

your are out camping and your friend dares you too jump in a lake what do you say.

no way to dangorous!
you think about it and finaly deside to take a quick dip.
ya it seems like fun!

you are at a friends house and get home sick what do u do?

call my parents and go home!
tough it out for a night it can't be that bad.
home sick! what is that?

you are having your bedroom redone what color are your walls

a meaningfull color like a dark red
a fun animal print
pink purple blue and green

how do you like your coffee?

with milk and sugar
what i don't drink coffee