personality quiz ;) (1)

personality quiz ;) (1)

take this quiz and find out what your personality is like ;) have fun!

published on December 15, 201318 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

how many times a day do you go on your electronic device?

um a lot... I'm on it right now aren't I?
not much,just after i finish my homework
kind of a lot. i have nothing better to do.
only when im not hanging out with friends. (with the exception of selfies)

what do you think when your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you

umm they would never do that. im too perfect.
i dont know.. its never happened to me
revenge time be-yotch
everything happens for a reason, if i dont really like them then they wont like me.. it goes both ways... not really his/her fault,

Would you rather take a boat ride through the east coast of U.S.A. or a road trip through all the 50 states?

boat ride, def. then i can wear my new bathing suit!
more informational stops would come up during a road trip, i would think.
dosent matter, either one sounds fun as long as theres food and a nice place to sleep
i would like a boat ride because theres more fresh air and i LOVE to play in the water!

What do you wear when you see movies with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

revealing outfits, makeup all over my face (girls)
i don't go out rather read or study
jeans and a t-shirt :) but im not in a relationship
whatever i think he/she would like

Do you enjoy hanging out with friends/going to parties over charity work?

yes, of course.
never! i don't have many friends anyway...
it depends...

What is your favorite color

green or blue
black or red
purple or grey
black or white