Are you a royal or a rebel? (1)

Are you a royal or a rebel? (1)

This quiz inspired from the Ever After High. I want to try to do a monster high quiz also.

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What's your style?

Sparkles and glamerous.
Crazy and spunky

Are you creative or not?

I am very creative and a go-out-of-the-box person.
I just do what comes to mind or inspires me.

Which song suits you better?

Barbie Girl by Aqua.
Firework by Katy Perry

What's your personality?

Hidding the shadows
A party person always ready to live it up

What do you like doing?

Typing on my blog.

Who do you like better?

Raven Queen she wants too re-write her own destiny like me.
Apple White she loves her destiny and she's very kind.

Weird last question but here it is.... who do you think you'll be?

Royal! <3
Rebel! >:)