Are you a real Otaku?

Are you a real Otaku?

Take this test and see if you can call yourself a true Otaku. This will list questions about anime.

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In Black Butler, how does Ciel die?

His soul was eaten
He was drowned
He was poisoned


Epic girl from Soul Eater
The girl with the red scarf from Attack On Titan
Blind guy from Bleach

What anime is Gin from?


In Howl's moving castle, does Howl die?

No Yumemi does
No he does not

In Death Note, does does Near die?

Yes he does
No he does not
Yes but one of the Shinigami bring him back to life after something happens.

In Shiki, how does Megumi die?

She was staked through the heart
Charlie found her and ate her
Her head was crushed under a tractor

Why does Yuuki love Kaname?

He saved her from the Witch of the West
They're brother and sister as was their mother and father
Kaname told Yuuki that he would protect her from Shiki

In Fantastic Children, Does Tina remember her past after she is 13?

She cannot remember anything
All she remembers is that she was the black fairy
She remembers everything

Who is Temari?

Gaara's sister
Gaara's mother
The girl he fell in love with

Gintama's main character has....

Red hair
Purple hair
Blue hair

In InuYasha, who was there when Kagura died?


In Black Cat, Eve was...

She was a secret weapon.
She was a witch
Eve was the broken robot

Karin is a vampire but she doesn't suck blood. WHY?

Her fangs where ripped out of her mouth when she was a baby
She forces herself not to because she hates what she is
Her body does not drink the blood. It makes to much of it.