Justin Bieber quiz

This quiz is so fun answer questions for free a ten year old made it You will love who you are

published on August 02, 201152 responses 12 4.2★ / 5

Who is your role model?

You are nuts everyone hates Justin move on!
You are Gaga For lady Gaga
You're fun sporty and love country music plus you have a kind heart
You are weird and like Snoop dog or something
Get a life!

Eat food?

More pizza
wings and Pizza
A salad yum!

Whats your pet?

A squirrel
2+ dogs
lizard yo
50+ Cats

Whats your favorite color?

purple it is justin's!
Black and red of course
The color of my cat.

What is tape?

Something stinky Jb loves!
It is used to repair rips!
It is used to fix a ripped page in a book!
Tape is tight yo it is all over my room!
I hate tape!